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MyPeriodPal are a holistic, full-body therapy for period pain that works faster than ibuprofen. For many women it's completely taken away their need for pain medicine during their cycle.

Replacing pain meds with MyPeriodPal is not only good for your body and hormone balance, but it's also great for the planet. Let's keep more plastic bottles out of landfills!

How to use

MyPeriodPal should be put on at the onset of pain.

Continue wearing for an hour after the pain has subsided.

Repeat as necessary.

Having trouble putting the bands on or wonder if they're on correctly? Check out this video.

Care instructions

MyPeriodPal are a handwash item. They can be submerged in water with a light detergent (no bleach) and laid flat to dry.

They can also be spot-washed with water or a mild soap and rinsed clean.

Do not put in the washing machine or dry clean. No bleach.

What to expect

The silicone knob may feel a bit tender at first, but should not cause extreme pain.

The knob will make a slight indent where pressure is applied, much like wearing a watch or a hairband around your wrist. This is not problematic and will go away in 20 minutes or less.

Most women feel ease in their menstrual pain in 30 seconds-2 minutes. It will continue to get better the more you wear them.